The Innovative Entrepreneur

ByPhilip Murphy

The Innovative Entrepreneur

Tesla, the space-age, energy efficient company from PayPal’s acquisition of SolarBotanic is headed by none other than, Elon Reeve Musk, the man known to the world as the Internet’s greatest technological innovator. To date, he has managed to launch nine successful satellites into orbit, the very first of which launched in late 2021. Musk is also responsible for the successful PayPal acquisition and the creation of the PayPal brand. In terms of his contributions to the space program, he is listed on the Space Shuttle Endeavour Commission as an executive engineer, with a number of additional positions held with NASA, including Mission Control. To date, no man has reached or surpassed the top spot on the Space Shuttle Program’s all time list of total flight hours flown, a title held only by astronauts, although many aerospace engineers and scientists believe that the record is close to being broken.

Musk is also well known for his innovation and design streak, having been a key player in the development of many high-tech aspects of today’s aviation industry. He was responsible for the development of the fully-latable, low-pressure inflatable structure for the space shuttle, as well as the solid nosecone design that act as the attachment point for the vehicle’s skin. From the innovative design standpoint, his has also designed and created the B-Pod, a full-scale, seven-passenger aircraft that can hold two to three crew members, depending on the particular configuration. Although some have criticized his designs as overly exaggerated and overly complicated, others have lauded his achievements as providing proof of the potential of air travel, space travel, and high-tech manufacturing concepts. For this reason, SpaceX, which is based out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, where Musk holds his primary office, continues to progress with its plans for both manned and unmanned space exploration.

Musk is no doubt an innovator, having seemingly unceasingly taken the thoughts and concepts that he discovered while studying at college and put them into fruition with his innovative business pursuits. Although SpaceX will most likely not reach the moon, it is still developing technologies to send astronauts to and from the International Space Station. While we wait, let’s all take a moment to admire the visionary genius that is Elon Musk. As he ventures into all different areas of business, from technology to space flight, we will continue to watch with interest how his innovative talents to impact the world.

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