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ByPhilip Murphy

The Conceptualization of Technology in Society

Technology is the collection of various techniques, systems, practices, and skills used in the creation of products or services, including scientific experimentation, medical and technological research, and the management of information systems. Some of the most important sectors in the global supply chain include transportation, utility and supervisory, information technology, and semiconductor processing. In other words, technology is a methodology of doing things. The definition given by Max Planck, professor of physics, also included the field of engineering technology, which studies the relationship between technology and society.

Technological change has occurred throughout history, but because no system can survive for ever without a technological base, a systematic treatment of technology is necessary to understand its changes and developments over time. A broad term such as technology can have various definitions depending on who is using the term. For instance, in business, it is not uncommon to refer to process technology, system technology, software technology, information technology, computer technology, and communication technology. Using these different types of technology terminology, it becomes easier to differentiate one technology from another.

Technology has been a part of all aspects of human life since the dawn of time. From the earliest civilizations, technology was used to enable people to build permanent structures such as the pyramids of Egypt, the towers of ancient China, and the colossal buildings of Greece and Rome. It was only a matter of time before more complex and powerful technologies such as weapons were used, and then the war became an integral part of human life. The gradual evolution of technology, especially in the field of computer sciences, has led to the ability for individuals and groups to communicate and interact with each other through electronic means. Thus, from the technological standpoint, it can be said that the development of technology is a continuing process, a process that is interwoven within the fabric of human society.