A Great Cellular Phone

ByEileen Clarke

A Great Cellular Phone

When Motorola introduced the first mobile phone with the Motorola E7 Power, it set a new bar for mobile phones. At that time there were few mobile phones that had the capability to do what the Motorola E7 Power could do. This phone was packed full of features and capabilities that any smart phone would have. The phone was loaded with a large LCD touch screen that allowed it to be used like a calculator, a camera or a video player. All the major cellular providers had signed agreements with the phone, so it was a great phone. It even featured Verizon Wireless for some of the major benefits associated with having cellular phones.

The Motorola E7 Power did not disappoint the cell phone users. It featured high definition video recording, a huge LCD color display that made typing on the phone an enjoyable experience, an excellent speaker phone, a fast Internet connection and a large supply of long distance numbers. It also had all the other features that a good cell phone would have like voice dialing, a GPS location finder, a built in Address Book and a well-designed keyboard. The battery life on this phone was pretty good considering the features and the size. Some reviews stated that their battery life was much shorter than others. It is a definite plus or a minus, that depends on your personal preference.

In my own review of the Motorola E7 Power I found that this phone did a great job as a travel companion. The battery life makes it perfect for those frequent travelers that need a phone with an emergency or two. In addition to this it is a great cell phone for people that want a phone that has a lot of features but doesn’t have a big screen or a loud speaker.

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